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How To Apply For
Your IRP Plates in Maryland

To apply for your IRP Plates in Maryland, you can mail or visit the Motor Carrier Services (MCS) section in the Glen Burnie MVA office. You can also apply through any of the MVA’s full-service branch offices or through an MVA licensed tag and title services like ourselves.

Currently, the MVA only receives visits by appointment; depending on how busy they are, it could take weeks to months to get an appointment. However, at Alfonso Title, you don’t need any appointments; you can call us or visit us, and we will help you with anything you need regarding your IRP plates or any other MVA related service.

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How To Apply For
Your IRP Plates in Maryland

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When Do You Need To Apply For Apportioned Plates?

If your business or company has any vehicles crossing state lines and are over 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight or have three or more axles on the power unit, you will be required to have an IRP and IFTA account to transit legally.

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Why Register Your IRP Plates With Us?

At Alfonso Title, we value your time. Therefore, when you work with us, you can expect to find a quick, efficient, easy-to-follow process to establish your International Registration Plan account and plates.

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IFTA / IRP Insurance Commercial Truck Insurance

Another essential step you must do after you get your IRP account and apportioned plates is to insure your account and vehicles. At Alfonso Title, we can help you find the best insurance for you; your dedicated IRP insurance expert will ensure you get the insurance that covers everything you need, saving you time and money on things you don’t require.

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We Will Help You Avoid

As of 2021, the global pandemic has hindered the MVA’s disponibility for appointments, and many users have reported having to wait weeks or months to schedule an appointment. At Alfonso Title, you don’t need an appointment; we can help you the same day you call us or visit us.

The MVA’s process of issuing your IRP plates will generally take from 6-10 business days, 3-5 days to work up the invoice for your Apportioned Plates, and another 3-5 days to send out your IFTA decals and license. Moreover, it can take much more time because of the covid-19 pandemic. At Alfonso Title, we can help you establish your IRP account and plates in as soon as two days.

Based on your needs, applying for an IRP account requires different documents and procedures. Although the MVA’s website is very informative about the documents they need when applying for an IRP account, any document or procedure you miss will create several setbacks. We’ve heard of users waiting for months without progress. At Alfonso Title, our IRP Account experts will make sure there aren’t setbacks in your application.






Really great service, highly recommend if you’re given the run around by the MVA/DMV…



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Francisco and Beatriz were very professional and knowledgeable…




Went in to get my mother’s out of state title transferred to my name and registered….


If You Already Have An IFTA / IRP Account or Plates, We Can Help You

Renew Your Apportioned Plates

If you already have your IRP Plates, we can help you renew them. To make sure your process is trouble-free, we will assign you a dedicated IRP expert to ensure all your documents, tax information, mileage count, insurance, and anything related to your IRP plates and account are in order.

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Obtain Your Fleet's Record Mileage Count Every 3 Months

By Maryland’s MVA orders, every IRP participant is required to keep a formal file available detailing the operation of its fleet. This document is called Individual Vehicle Mileage Record (or IVMR), and it needs to contain precise information about each trip your vehicles or fleet have performed. Any errors in this report could result in expensive fines, cease of operations, and lots of your time.

Obtain You’r Fleet’s Record

At Alfonso Title, we can help you make counting your mileage an easy, fast and trouble-free process

Request IRP Plates Duplication Or Replacement

At Alfonso Title, we can help you get a duplicate of your IRP plates without filling complex forms and waiting for an appointment. Apart from IRP replacement plates, we can also help you obtain your stickers or cab card. Request your IRP plate duplication today and safe time with us.

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Get IRP Technical
Support - Consultation

More often than not, using your IRP Online Business Portal can be confusing. At Alfonso Title, we want you to understand and have complete control of your IRP / IFTA account, whether online or offline. Therefore, we offer online and presential consulting to clear all your doubts about using your IRP Account. Contact us for more information about this service.


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Add Vehicles To An Existing Fleet

Did you acquire a new vehicle and need to add it to your IFTA / IRP account? We can help you. When adding vehicles to an existing fleet, it is crucial to ensure all the new information is 100% precise, as any mistakes could result in additional fees. At Alfonso Title, our IRP agents will make sure everything in your IRP account stays organized so that when you need anything, you won’t have any troubles.

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Add Fleets To An Existing IRP Account

At Alfonso Title, we can also help you add fleets to your IRP account. From submitting all the information you need in your IRP – Original Supplemental Application (Schedule A/C) to ensuring every vehicle in your fleet complies with all policies, we will make this process easy for you. Also, if you need a DOT Number, we can assist you with that.

Add Fleets To Your Existing IRP Account

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for an IRP or IFTA account, registrants must have an “established placed of business.” In summary, this means the following – according to Maryland’s Motors and Vehicle administration:
  • Your business must be a physical structure designated by a street number or road location.
  • Your business must be open during regular business hours.
  • Your business must have a telephone number publicly listed in the name of the fleet registrant.
  • Your business must have a person or persons in the permanent employment of the registrant conducting the fleet registrant’s trucking-related business, with access to the operational records of the fleet.
At Alfonso Title, we will help you with all the paperwork, requirements and things you should know to get the best out of your IRP account. Call us at 301-585-1928 or visit our office in Silver Spring, MD.

Once you have completed a year with your apportioned plates, you will receive a renewal notice from the Motor Carrier Services (MCS) section in the Glen Burnie MVA office. This notice will arrive at you via mail, and all you have to do is fill it and send it over to the MCS. However, there are some documents and information you must provide to renew your IRP plates. These documents may include a Surety Bond for Users of Apportioned Registration Plates, a Proof of Federal Tax Payments, and a Proof of Mileage by Jurisdiction. At Alfonso Title, we can help you make this renewal process very fast and efficient. Call us at 301-585-1928 or visit our office in Silver Spring, MD.

Yes, you can register as many fleets or vehicles in your IRP account. You can also add multiple fleets or vehicles to an existing IRP account. If you need to register multiple vehicles at once, we can help you. Call us at 301-585-1928 or visit our office in Silver Spring, MD.

Yes, we can also help you obtain anything related to your IRP and IFTA account, Apportioned Plates, and MVA’s services. To start any MVA-related process, you can call us at 301-585-1928 or visit our office in Silver Spring, MD.

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